50,000 topics. Pick one. Make money.

I just created a new free tool. There’s nothing on sale, and no strings attached.  It’s called Your Next Niche ( http://yournextniche.com/ ) and it’s probably the quickest way possible to find a topic to create a small niched business (and website.) about.

The topics and niches comes from a database of -to be very precise- 49 997 different topics. And each time you refresh the page a new one is generated. Some of them are super hot, while others might seem a bit strange. But don’t judge the niche by its weirdness – if it shows up it means that PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR INFORMATION REGARDING THAT TOPIC. :)

There’s some other cool features as well, so check it out at: http://www.yournextniche.com

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  1. YOUR FAN! 19 July 2010 at 12:04 pm #

    Another precious thing. Thanks again boss! You are the MAN!

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