Don’t miss this free niche research tool!

If you’re into niche marketing you’ve probably already seen this simple, yet super powerful, niche finder. And if you haven’t you need to download it while you can.

But first, here’s how you can use it in combination with the free tool I built a few weeks ago called Your Next Niche.

The free niche research tool is called the CherryPicker software, and it helps you research competition in Google top 10. A thing you’ll instantly realize is how few links, indexed pages and low page rank some top 10 results have. Another you may notice is which niches to really avoid (I mean, if the first 10 pages each have a billion pages indexed it’s probably not a good idea to compete against them if you’re just startnig out.)

It’s 100% free, and you can download it right away here:

But wait!  When you have downloaded the software you’ll probably wonder what to search for. Of course, you could type in search queries like “Stop smoking” or “learn to drive” or “get a credit card”,  but those are not really niches you could dive into overnight. So, where do you start?

Use my free tool, called Your Next Niche!

Just go here;

And you’ll have 10 new niches you can research right away.

(Just refresh the page a couple of times until you find a niche with 80%+ popularity!)

How about this niche? How To Walk Like A Catwalk Model

(Weird, but people are searching for that. Register , re-write some articles from other websites or pay a girl to talk about the subject for 10 minutes. Upload a few videos from Youtube from “Top Model” and you’re good to go.)

But, how about competition? Oh yes, that’s our next step. Simply enter the search term into CherryPicker, and you’ll have all information about your top 10 competitors. And, as you can see, it’s probably not too hard to make your way to the top 10 results within a month or so. Especially if you get a exact matching domain name.


So, what’s the next step and how do you actually make money with this niche?

Me, i’m lazy. I’ll go with Google Adsense text ads. But, if your blog gets popular you could easily build a product around this subject and sell a ebook or video course (30-60 minute) teaching how to walk like a model.

So, let’s recap:

1. Download the cherrypicker software:

2. Go to to get inspiration

3. Create content

4. Monetize with Adsense

5. Create your own product around this subject if your blog becomes popular.

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    Thumbs up.
    Im working on these methods now.

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