Don’t miss this free niche research tool!

If you’re into niche marketing you’ve probably already seen this simple, yet super powerful, niche finder. And if you haven’t you need to download it while you can.

But first, here’s how you can use it in combination with the free tool I built a few weeks ago called Your Next Niche.

The free niche research tool is called the CherryPicker software, and it helps you research competition in Google top 10. A thing you’ll instantly realize is how few links, indexed pages and low page rank some top 10 results have. Another you may notice is which niches to really avoid (I mean, if the first 10 pages each have a billion pages indexed it’s probably not a good idea to compete against them if you’re just startnig out.)

It’s 100% free, and you can download it right away here:

But wait!  When you have downloaded the software you’ll probably wonder what to search for. Of course, you could type in search queries like “Stop smoking” or “learn to drive” or “get a credit card”,  but those are not really niches you could dive into overnight. So, where do you start?

Use my free tool, called Your Next Niche!

Just go here;

And you’ll have 10 new niches you can research right away.

(Just refresh the page a couple of times until you find a niche with 80%+ popularity!)

How about this niche? How To Walk Like A Catwalk Model

(Weird, but people are searching for that. Register , re-write some articles from other websites or pay a girl to talk about the subject for 10 minutes. Upload a few videos from Youtube from “Top Model” and you’re good to go.)

But, how about competition? Oh yes, that’s our next step. Simply enter the search term into CherryPicker, and you’ll have all information about your top 10 competitors. And, as you can see, it’s probably not too hard to make your way to the top 10 results within a month or so. Especially if you get a exact matching domain name.


So, what’s the next step and how do you actually make money with this niche?

Me, i’m lazy. I’ll go with Google Adsense text ads. But, if your blog gets popular you could easily build a product around this subject and sell a ebook or video course (30-60 minute) teaching how to walk like a model.

So, let’s recap:

1. Download the cherrypicker software:

2. Go to to get inspiration

3. Create content

4. Monetize with Adsense

5. Create your own product around this subject if your blog becomes popular.

50,000 topics. Pick one. Make money.

I just created a new free tool. There’s nothing on sale, and no strings attached.  It’s called Your Next Niche ( ) and it’s probably the quickest way possible to find a topic to create a small niched business (and website.) about.

The topics and niches comes from a database of -to be very precise- 49 997 different topics. And each time you refresh the page a new one is generated. Some of them are super hot, while others might seem a bit strange. But don’t judge the niche by its weirdness – if it shows up it means that PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR INFORMATION REGARDING THAT TOPIC. :)

There’s some other cool features as well, so check it out at:

How to find a niche and domain name in 5 minutes

I just created this short video.

It shows you the exact method I use to tap into any niche, find free domain names matching search terms that have a high CPC AND being searched for a lot. There’s no software to download, and you can start exploring the tools within minutes after watching.

Check it out at YouTube, and make sure you watch in HD, full screen.

60 hot “how to”-search phrases you can use TODAY!

Without further ado, here’s a list of 60 hot how to-search phrases /niches you can dive right into! I’ve checked all 60 with Adwords average CPC price and also took my time to find some exact mathing .us domain names.


27100 search for “How to fax” every month in US.  Average CPC cost is 4,66 USD and the domain name is, as I speak (bet it won’t be for long), free to register.

Leave a comment or email me at ( trendfetch -at- gmail *dot* com )  if you have a question or want to say thanks!

Domain Free Phrase US searches / month Calc. Avg. cpc (USD) no how to get out of debt 18100 9,76 no how to incorporate 49500 9,26 yes how to fax 27100 4,66 no how to make money 673000 3,49 no how to make money online 74000 2,72 yes cooking tips 27100 2,47 yes how to get rid of blackheads 33100 2,16 no learn to cook 49500 2,12 no how to get rid of pimples 33100 2,10 yes how to change name 27100 1,65 yes how to conceive 27100 1,31 no how to video 60500 1,29 no cooking thermometer 60500 1,26 yes how to get sponsored 22200 1,11 no how to 277000000 1,05 yes cooking crab legs 5400 0,99 yes how to roll a blunt - 0,99 yes how to get rid of fleas 33100 0,98 yes how to get motivated 9900 0,82 yes how to budget 22200 0,78 no how to get a six pack 165000 0,77 yes how to pack 90500 0,77 yes how to grill 165000 0,74 no how to date 74000 0,71 yes how to change 3350000 0,69 yes how to last longer 74000 0,67 yes how to breast 6600 0,64 yes slow cooking 40500 0,61 yes how to cook corn 22200 0,58 yes how to interview 27100 0,57 yes cooking shrimp 9900 0,56 no how to relax 33100 0,54 yes how to jump higher 40500 0,53 yes how to diy 8100 0,53 yes how to trust 14800 0,50 yes how to cook turkey 14800 0,50 yes how to dress 368000 0,49 yes how to bbq 22200 0,49 no how to videos 33100 0,48 yes cooking prime rib 27100 0,48 yes how to run faster 27100 0,44 yes how to type 301000 0,43 yes how to french braid 74000 0,41 no steak recipes 246000 0,40 yes how to look good 33100 0,38 yes how to cook shrimp 12100 0,36 no how to draw 5000000 0,36 no how to pray 90500 0,33 yes how to cook pork 40500 0,33 yes how to cook lamb 8100 0,31 yes how to cook a turkey 60500 0,30 no lobster recipes 33100 0,29 yes how to ollie 90500 0,29 no steak recipe 201000 0,28 yes asparagus recipe 27100 0,27 no asparagus recipes 74000 0,24 yes how to cook asparagus - 0,24 yes how to braid 90500 0,21 yes how to cook a roast 8100 0,20 yes how to bowl 27100 0,17

Christmas giveaway: How to make money with Google Trends!

Since I created Trendfetch lots of people have asked me how you actually make money with Google Trends. And, instead of creating a brief blog post or forum thread I decided to create a PDF and explain step-by-step how to build a steady stream of traffic and extra income using Google Trends.

I just finished writing the final words and it became about 10 pages long.

I’ve tried to outline everything as simple as possible to make it easy for anyone, even the complete beginner, to understand – and i’ll obviously not charge anything for it.It’s a christmas giveaway, and you can download it directly from the link below: (1.4 mb)

Just right-click and ’save as…’ if you want to download it to your computer.

Anyway, if you’re looking for an easy way to get some website traffic using google trends in combination with trendfetch i’m sure you’ll find it useful. And, if you do/did:


With the best regards
// Aron

P.s. Oh, and I almost forgot: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Request a feature

Do you have an idea on how to make trendfetch even better? Post a request for a feature in this thread. It can be anything, really. Some suggestions i’ve gotten so far are:

- An API to access trends data on external websites or applications.

- Export feature to download a dates data to a text or csv file.

- Email subscription with possibility to get a email when a trend is coming back and flagged as “hot”.

- A help section where you’ll learn how to use trendfetch to build niches, do marketing, seo and make money.
And so on and so on. Post your feature below! :)

We’re blogging!

Okay guys,

Email is obviously not the best way to keep in touch with the beta testers as not everyone have given me permission (or given me their email, really) to email them. So, we’ll use the blog instead to publish updates and important stuff.

There are now close to 600 people (wow, yeah!) beta testing .  And if you’re one of them: Post a comment below and say hello will you? :)